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Watchman Video Broadcast 08-18-13

The Fourth Kingdom Part 1


The Fourth Kingdom Part 1

Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses the Fourth Kingdom from the Book of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

We begin a fascinating new series today on the Fourth Kingdom which the Bible says will be established worldwide in the last days. Is the Fourth Kingdom merely the Revised Roman Empire that many prophecy scholars speak about? Is it something completely different or is it a combination of the earthly and spiritual? Pastor Mike makes note of the number 4 and reviews previous studies that conclude the number 4 refers to the invisible, angelic realm where Lucifer and his devils have charge. The use of dreams in Scripture, in particular, King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, has prophetic implications that are to be revealed at the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Satan’s kingdom is never transparent, it only deals in secrets devised to keep men deceived and in the dark. Yet, God shouts His good news from the rooftops and publishes it abroad so that all men may be saved. Studying Daniel Chapter 2 will help you to see if your religion will end up as chaff burned in the fire, or whether Jesus will gather you into His garner when He destroys this last kingdom on earth. If any part of your religion or philosophy has secrets that only a few are allowed to know, a big red flag should go up.

What is so great about the King James Bible is that it explains the mystery of Godliness while simultaneously revealing all the adversaries' secrets. All the secret organizations that meet together or even work against each other to bring in their new world order just provide God with a good laugh. But it won’t be so funny for you if you pick the wrong side to be on. Their destination is eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire!


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