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Watchman Video Broadcast 08-11-13

The Comic Con Part 4


The Comic Con Part 4

Pastor Mike Hoggard concludes the Comic Con series comparing the common underlying theme of superheros from comic books to the super men described in the Bible and what the source of their power was.

Pastor Mike saved the best for last in this Comic Con series. God has graciously used Pastor Mike's youthful interest in comic books, science fiction and his love of the Bible to draw out the true message from the genre and how much it goes against God’s most wonderful plan for humanity. Creativeness in any artistic form, whether it’s comics, movies, or fiction requires inspiration and the question is, what or who is providing the inspiration? Even discoveries in the hard sciences are birthed with imagination.

Mankind is on a course right now, and most are unaware of the heavy doses of propaganda being leveled at the average person. So much so, that millions will beat a path to willingly receive the mark of the beast, thinking they will evolve into super humans, the next level of evolution. Superhero fans, you really need to see this video, so when the actual choice comes to your door, you will make the right decision. If you think it’s all just a bunch of fantasy and dismiss it like a bad dream, be warned... The system of total control, surveillance, and bio-technology is being put into place. You will not escape making a choice.

God has allowed it to see if you will follow and believe Him, or believe Satan’s lie, ye shall surely not die. The choice is yours.


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