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Watchman Video Broadcast 07-28-13

The Comic Con Part 3


The Comic Con Part 3

Pastor Mike Hoggard compares the common underlying theme of superheros from comic books to the super men described in the Bible and what the source of their power was.

If you don’t say “wow” at the end of today’s study, you weren’t paying attention! Even if you’ve not been a comic book fan and know little about the genre, you will find this study fascinating as Pastor Mike takes Bible truth from Genesis to Revelation to explain what is really going on behind this popular pulp entertainment by proving it has a hidden agenda that has subtly infiltrated all areas of our daily lives.

This agenda merely fulfills Bible prophecy and God has allowed it to be so. There is definitely an occult connection between comic books, movies and books that are wildly popular, such as: The Man of Steel, Ironman, Spiderman, and other superheroes. On the surface, comic book stories are just vivid stories of good vs. evil, but you will see that the source and inspiration is coming from a dark place and actually working against the true God and His kingdom.

A huge warning goes out to Churches that have purchased sermon packets that go along with The Man of Steel movie clips, teaching that Superman is a type of Jesus. He’s another Jesus!! Pastor Mike goes into the life history of some of these comic book authors, how they are connected to the occult movers and shakers, such as Alastair Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, and Charles Darwin. This exposes the connection they have to Hitler’s Nazi Germany and his desire to create a race of super men.

A few of the items discussed in this video: Lord of the Rings, City of Angels, Star Wars, George Lucas, Dan Brown, The Matrix, Iron Man, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Jack Parsons, JPL, Operation Paper Clip, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Harry Potter, Jack Kirby, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Alan Moore, The Invisibles, H.G. Wells, Thule Society, Vrill-ya, Hitler, and much more. Reality can be squeezed out of this phenomenon and with the light of Holy Scriptures shining on it, expose the true purpose and indoctrination coming out of these comics.

This is an excellent opportunity for the believer to educate himself against the delusion that will take over the whole world that even God’s very elect can barely escape. This series is one of Pastor Mike’s “must watch” series -- and part 4 is yet to come!


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