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Watchman Video Broadcast 07-21-13

The Comic Con Part 2


The Comic Con Part 2

Pastor Mike Hoggard compares the common underlying theme of superheros from comic books to the super men described in the Bible and what the source of their power was.

Everybody loves the comics! They are as American as apple pie. Oh no! Don’t tell me comic books are bad now? As always, Pastor Mike leaves it up to you to decide -- he is only presenting the information and what the Bible has to say about it.

Pastor Mike has been a Superman fan his entire life, as devoted as a Trekkie would be, but there was a time he needed to come out of the fantasy world and grow up. There are Scriptures that describe super men in the Bible and what the source of their power was. One of the keywords for the age we are living in is "deception." Paul said, let no man deceive you, by any means -- that statement includes comic book characters or works of fiction that clearly go against Biblical teaching.

This is an important topic in the light of the movie release of "Man of Steel," as even church leaders are drawing an analogy between Jesus and Superman. Going beyond the exterior of these heroes, the common theme that binds all these miracle workers together is the satanic purpose of drawing men away from the true God. Not waiting for God's divine plan, but instead taking up the humanist’s endeavors to evolve man into his higher self, a "super human" with god-like abilities. Churches are actually helping to bring in the antichrist system and prepare people to accept a false Jesus. But then, who needs Jesus when you have Superman to save the day!?!


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