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Watchman Video Broadcast 06-02-13

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 11


Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 11

Another Gospel Part 4

Pastor Mike Hoggard examines Scripture to gain discernment to know the difference between a false gospel and the true Gospel.

This is the last study in the series of Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel, but this is not just a summary of the previous teachings. Pastor Mike succinctly lays out the blessings the true Gospel brings and the curses that accompany the false gospel. One brings everlasting life -- the other, up to and including the mark of the beast and the second death.

As you listen to pastors and teachers from both camps, it takes Bible study and discernment to understand who they are really following: God or Satan. Just like Satan appearing as an angel of light, they dress up their doctrines in Christian-eze in order to deceive and infiltrate the church. The Apostle Paul issued a dire warning to the church at Galatia to not go back to the old covenant of the law that Christ had fulfilled. After the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, it was null and void, replaced by the new covenant of belief.

Today’s purveyors of a false gospel want to put you back under the law and remove you from grace to perform and earn your way to heaven. They hate free grace. They can’t even do it, yet love to gloat over you trying, trying and then trying some more. They want to place a yoke of iron on your neck, while Jesus says to take His yoke upon you, for His yoke is easy and His burden light.

Someone is knocking at your door. Is it Hebrew Roots' Jim Staley? Bondage. Is it word of faith's Joyce Meyers or Joel Osteen? Bondage. Is it Mormonism's Joe Smith? Bondage. Is it Jehovah’s Witness' Charles Taze Russell? Bondage. Is it 7th Day Adventist's Ellen White? Bondage. Is it the Roman Catholic Church's Pope Francis? Bondage. Don’t open the door unless it’s the real Jesus with the true Gospel and Holy Spirit. Receive Jesus and have eternal life. He is the only way.


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