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Watchman Video Broadcast 04-28-13

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 6


Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 6

Another Spirit Part 3

Pastor Mike Hoggard examines Scripture to gain discernment to know the difference between a false spirit and the true Holy Spirit.

All spheres of human life and activity during the last 50 years could be summarized by one word: Change. Some even say that God changes -- to meet us where we are here in 2013. However, the King James Bible says that God changes not -- Jesus, the same today, yesterday and forever -- but the written word of God is becoming an unnecessary accoutrement for today’s Christian, his church and denomination. Sure... they still use the same words: Jesus, Spirit, Gospel, Bible, etc... but the meanings have changed.

With large followings, emerging church leaders are teaching people they can hear from God from inside themselves and make millions in book sales showing you exactly how. They denigrate God’s contract and covenant with His people by saying the Bible has errors. It's not translated correctly and is only inerrant in the original (lost) manuscripts. To really understand and grow close to God, you need contemplative prayer, a shift in your perception, another book to explain doctrine and to learn the keys of unleashing His power in your life.

It’s just part of the same scheme satan used in the Garden of Eden thousands of years ago, but with a bright new 21st century marketing package. Pastor Mike unleashes his own "truth in advertising" campaign with this video to show what’s really driving the likes of Tony Jones, Mark Virkler, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, denominational publications, seminars, and the right music to center your mind spiritually to open the door to intimacy with God. It’s a pack of lies as crooked as a prayer labyrinth. Check the Scriptures and other references Pastor Mike provides to see, in fact, that there is another spirit at work, and it’s not God’s Holy Spirit.


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