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Watchman Video Broadcast 04-14-13

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 4


Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 4

Another Spirit Part 1

Pastor Mike Hoggard examines Scripture to gain discernment to know the difference between a false spirit and the true Holy Spirit.

Are you interested -- really interested -- in where your soul will spend eternity? You’ve considered what you believe, studied the Bible, perhaps read other books, and you are fully assured that heaven is your destination and not hell? Then we strongly recommend you set aside about two hours of your time to really make sure which spirit has led you into your present truth. The Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Gospel are so intertwined that to get one of them wrong could lead you into taking the mark of the beast in the last days.

Pastor Mike’s diligent study will show you how to recognize the true Holy Spirit of God versus the spirit of antichrist. Scripture clearly delineates both and this study provides a measuring stick you can apply to your church, an internet ministry or your pastor. This is such a valuable teaching. Please make sure you have the right Spirit that will lead you to the right Jesus! Get out your King James Bible and ask God if these things are true. God wants you to know the truth.


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