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Watchman Video Broadcast 04-07-13

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 3


Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 3

Another Jesus Part 3

Pastor Mike Hoggard examines Scripture to gain discernment to know the difference between a fake Jesus and the real Jesus.

In part three of the series, Pastor Mike expounds upon the many differences between the real Jesus and the fake Jesus. What will be the circumstances surrounding the fake Jesus' grand entrance to the world scene and what will cause him to rise up? The key word is DNA. Adam and Eve took in their heart the death producing words of Satan. Forty-six words that actually embedded death in their bodies. Since then, all humans have carried this "no good thing" and have been dying every minute of every day.

In contrast, the real Jesus of the Bible rose from the dead, and by us accepting His work on the Cross, we have eternal life. Jesus is alive. Jesus is no longer hanging from a cross -- hence, the Roman Catholic image of Jesus nailed to the Cross and daily crucified is in fact a dying god, not a living one. Freemasonry has their version of a dying god in their rituals -- Hiram Abiff who was slain and waits for a resurrection. The Mormons, Catholics, Hebrew Roots, and new Bible versions all have a different Jesus.

Do you follow the right Jesus? Pastor Mike describes what Jesus will look like when he returns! This fascinating study is packed full of information. You may have to watch twice to get all of it.


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