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Watchman Video Broadcast 03-24-13

Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 1


Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 1

Another Jesus Part 1

Pastor Mike Hoggard examines Scripture for the attributes of the man of sin to see how he will become a replacement for the real Jesus.

If you ask the man on the street if we are living in the last days, many would say yes or are expecting a major catastrophe of some kind. This common sentiment is not limited to Christians. This is clearly reflected through popular internet trends that show many of today's top blogs are about survival and preparation for dealing with shortages during an aftermath of some kind.

One current worldwide shortage is the truth. Many claim to have "the truth" -- most of which contradicts Biblical Truth. The Bible says the Antichrist will deceive many people and that two Jesus' will be presented for the world to choose from. God's Truth is valuable to those who want to know what He has to say about the return of Jesus Christ and the revelation of the Antichrist to avoid being deceived.

The lateness of the hour would indicate this is one of Pastor Mike’s most important study series. Today, we get a general overview of the two opposing forces, the origins and foundation of the Real Jesus and the Fake Jesus. Part one of this series will give you a solid base to continue your own study.


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