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Watchman Video Broadcast 03-10-13

King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 5


King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 5

7 The Sacred Number

Pastor Mike Hoggard concludes a fascinating study revealing the true Biblical meaning of the number 7. If there is one number in the Bible that stands out above the rest, it is the number 7.

In this teaching, Pastor Mike goes especially deep into the evil side of seven. Students of history well know that history repeats itself and it’s not without design or purpose. Often it’s relabeled and repackaged like commercials that advertise the latest, greatest detergent. It’s really just the same old soap, but it’s in a new box!

There is a reason why the Masons have a 7 rung ladder initiates hope to climb, that the Roman Catholic Church has 7 Sacraments and 7 Deadly Sins and Ed Young told his church to ritually practice fornication 7 times. Amazingly, it’s even tied to why your church is now offering yoga classes. You will be surprised to learn how today's churches, synagogues, and movements such as Hebrew roots have embraced tenets practiced by the Canaanites some 3000 years ago. Kudos to Pastor Mike for this diligent study to prevent the saints from becoming ensnared by the dark side and also to prepare us for the future when we will literally be engaged in the same battle Joshua had at Jericho.


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