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Watchman Video Broadcast 03-03-13

King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 4


King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 4

7 The Sacred Number

Pastor Mike Hoggard continues a fascinating study revealing the true Biblical meaning of the number 7. If there is one number in the Bible that stands out above the rest, it is the number 7.

Pastor Mike does some mental heavy lifting in this fourth part of the Sacred Number 7 series, delving into what the opposites are to God’s Seven Holy Spirits. The contrast is stark and everyone -- from those slightly interested to the blatant adherers to the dark side -- can readily see a cosmic choice is presented. There are those who have been deceived into thinking the dark is light. Pastor Mike goes to great lengths to reveal the truth to those bound by the lies taught by Ellen White and the Seventh Day Adventist movement, the Hebrew Roots / Sacred Name movement and others.

Through the King James Bible, Pastor Mike shows how the seven spirits of antichrist can be seen in the Vatican, days of the week, ancient mythology, Building Number 7, and even in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs! This is an amazing study, which is not the result of dreams or visions, but fruit born from a deep understanding of the Word of God.


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