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Watchman Video Broadcast 02-24-13

King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 3


King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 3

7 The Sacred Number

Pastor Mike Hoggard continues a fascinating study revealing the true Biblical meaning of the number 7. If there is one number in the Bible that stands out above the rest, it is the number 7.

God’s unequalled power and wisdom is demonstrated again and again in the pages of the King James Holy Bible by God’s use of the number 7. Through Scripture, Pastor Mike reveals satan’s endeavors to make the number 7 represent his works and power. Conversely, we see how God uses the powers of the dark side to execute His will and to fulfill His plan for mankind.

This study provides fascinating insights to the machinations of the evil realm, the connections to world shaking events, and it truly demonstrates what a great and mighty God we have. This subject is not exhaustive, so we will continue this series next week, taking an extremely close look at what God said He would remove out of Canaan land before the Israelites could enter.


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