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Watchman Video Broadcast 02-17-13

King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 2


King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 2

7 The Sacred Number

Pastor Mike Hoggard continues a fascinating study revealing the true Biblical meaning of the number 7. If there is one number in the Bible that stands out above the rest, it is the number 7.

Part one of this study established that numbers in the Bible have significance. They are part of a pattern that God has used to further substantiate that this IS God’s Word. Since the numbers add up and don’t lie, there isn't much wiggle room for those who would put a spin on the Scriptures.

Part two of this series gives example after example of heavenly arithmetic that is so astounding as to be unbelievable. It’s too prolific to be accidental, and if you can’t believe the Bible could be this accurate, perhaps you don’t want the Bible to be right. Think about it. If you can listen to this teaching without your jaw dropping at least once, check your pulse! Seven is one amazing number. Happy listening!


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