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Watchman Video Broadcast 02-10-13

King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 1


King James Code Volume 7, Number 7 Part 1

7 The Sacred Number

Pastor Mike Hoggard presents a fascinating study revealing the true Biblical meaning of the number 7. If there is one number in the Bible that stands out above the rest, it is the number 7. In part 1 of this study, we learn about the number 7 and see how its pattern is woven into the King James Bible.

What does the General Accounting Office use to show us financial cliffs? What do scientists use to formulate their equations or to measure the speed of light? What do you use to figure out your budget? Numbers. Numbers that are infinitely positive or negative. Numbers can show patterns and patterns have meanings. Come take a look at what the sacred number 7 means in the Scriptures. It’s simple math, not a hidden esoteric code meant for the enlightened. It’s for you and me, showing us who we are in Christ. Numbers, just like God, don’t lie.


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