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Watchman Video Broadcast 01-13-13

Sacred Name or Witchcraft Part 1


Sacred Name or Witchcraft Part 1

Pastor Mike Hoggard takes us on a historical tour of the Sacred Name Movement and its cousin, the Hebrew Roots Movement and shows how both are trying to abscond with God’s sheep.

A few decades ago, if you heard the names Yeshua or Yahweh, not many Christians would have known you were referring to Jesus and Jehovah. What started out in the late 1930’s as a fringe group of Christianity has blossomed into a full-fledged movement. Pastor Mike does name names in this video as part of a heart-felt warning about the doctrines they espouse, and how far they will go to keep Bible believers from the pure, inerrant Word of God.

If you are a follower of these movements, or if you’ve never heard of it before, be sure to listen and compare their teachings with what the Bible actually says. Find out how these groups are related to mystical Jewish writings, the Kabala and the witchcraft that the Apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians about. You definitely will want to follow up with part 2 of this series and study it out for yourself!


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