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Watchman Video Broadcast 12-16-12

The Mayan Calendar and the Seventh Day Part 2


The Mayan Calendar and the Seventh Day Part 2

Pastor Mike Hoggard continues teaching what the Bible says about the Mayan Calendar and Prophecy. Pastor Mike studies the creation week in depth, through Biblical witnesses showing that the prophecy of the 7th day and the prophecy of the 3rd day work hand in hand. God rested on the 7th day and instituted the Sabbath, and Jesus told the people in Jerusalem to destroy this temple and in 3 days He will raise it up. There are prophecies inside of prophecies and they are connected in such a beautiful, wonderful way.

Scripture is the great witness and testimony of God of what His plan for the universe is. The doomsdayers are only as good as their sources and when God Himself says pay no attention to them, then it’s wise to listen to God and pay attention when He says to remember certain things. God is the only one who can tell the end from the beginning and He has a better way for us to know what the future is than to turn to Pagans, Wiccans, Freemasons, occultists, or ancient civilizations that were in tune with false gods, fallen angels and familiar spirits.

Time is running out, but not because of the Mayan Calendar -- which the experts are now saying doesn’t really mean the end of the world, only the start of a different cycle. But hustlers for end of the world survival products don’t really want to hear that. God has a time table that He wants everyone to know about, desiring that none should perish and all come to the knowledge of the truth. We can look to God’s Holy Bible because we can trust what it says, and we can trust God who has enough power to create the universe and fulfill all His promises, the chief of which is our salvation.

If you want to get real happy, get your Bible out and follow along with Pastor Mike during this teaching.


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