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Watchman Video Broadcast 12-09-12

The Mayan Calendar and the Seventh Day


The Mayan Calendar and the Seventh Day

Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses what the Bible says about the Mayan Calendar and Prophecy. Did you know that Mayan Prophecy predicts that the world will end on December 21, 2012? Did you know that the word "apocalypse" means revelation, not disaster? If you are secretly afraid of this date or the apocalypse, this teaching will do much to calm your nerves.

Scripture is the great witness and testimony of God of what His plan for the universe is. The doomsdayers are only as good as their sources and when God Himself says pay no attention to them, then it’s wise to listen to God and pay attention when He says to remember certain things. God is the only one who can tell the end from the beginning and He has a better way for us to know what the future is than to turn to Pagans, Wiccans, Freemasons, occultists, or ancient civilizations that were in tune with false gods, fallen angels and familiar spirits.

Any prophet of God must be 100% right, all the time. God does give us a time frame in the Bible, and according to that time frame, we are very close. Creation week lays a pattern for the future. Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun, what has been, will be again. A day with the Lord can mean one 24 hour day or a thousand years.

This is a wonderful study showing that we have the more sure word of prophecy right in our hands with the Holy Bible, and God says to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy for a reason -- beyond just resting on that day. Don't miss part two of this study next week.


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