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Pagan Holiday Origins


Pagan Holiday Origins

Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses the origins of pagan holidays and how Christians should respond to them.

You’re not going to give out candy on October 31, are you? This is not your typical Bible thumping about the pagan Halloween celebration. There are many blogs and videos that deal with this luciferian holiday that is one of eight main dates that are considered sacred during the year for pagans, wiccans, luciferians, and satanists.

As usual, Pastor Mike digs deep into the Scriptures to uncover an obvious pattern that involves more than the simple historic roots of this celebration. Beginning in Genesis, God created the stars, the sun and the moon. The earth’s rotation and tilt divides up the year and these divisions are for times and seasons. In the book of Isaiah, Lucifer outlined his five point plan (hence the pentagram) to take God’s place and have mankind worship him instead of God. The only trouble is that he can’t create himself out of a paper bag; he can only imitate, or usurp what God has already made.

The heavens declare the glory of God and present a clear picture of the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan and his followers have tried to change this into a story about the birth, death and resurrection of the antichrist. Satan wants to be reborn in men’s hearts, just like the saints who have been born again by the Holy Spirit and have Jesus reigning in their hearts.

It’s good to be armed with information about Halloween. It's about more than just candy and gory costumes. But, it's also good to consider that believers don’t need to run and hide, or harshly judge Christians who still have remnants of this childhood celebration. Instead of being guilted into not participating in any part of it, how much better it would be to ask God with a sincere heart if you need to stay away from it and then be ready to obey.

How can you let your light shine if the windows are nailed shut and the doors barricaded? Because all the days belong to God, and we are to rejoice and be glad in them. How about turning it around to show the world what true love is -- and how it leads to life everlasting?


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