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Watchman Video Broadcast 10-14-12

The Square And The Compass Part 2


The Square And The Compass Part 2

Pastor Mike Hoggard continues exploring the true meaning behind the symbol of Freemasonry, the square and compass.

Find out how the masonic authors wrote down in their various books that there are always two meanings for every symbol they use. The esoteric (hidden) meaning that only the select few top Freemasons know and the exoteric (public) meaning they tell everyone else. Basically they come right out and admit that they lie to and mislead most freemasons except for the very few who reach the top level.

Is it really compatible to be a Christian and a Mason? Is there anything in Masonry that would cause a person to say these ideas are more opposite than assumed at first glance? Why would they lie about it?

If you are a critical thinker and like a good mystery, then you will enjoy this video and learn more about hidden side of Freemasonry.


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