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Watchman Video Broadcast 09-30-12

Rewriting The Book


Rewriting The Book

Pastor Mike Hoggard explores what the Bible has to say about the agenda behind the science of transhumanism and rewriting our DNA.

It’s been said that the Bible is the Book of Life and most will agree with that as far as spiritual life is concerned, but in this study, Pastor Mike Hoggard will show you how the Bible is literally, physically the Book of Life as well. God’s Book, God’s Words cannot be separated from His Creation.

Man’s genetic code, DNA, has been laid bare, and scientist are exponentially increasing their technological ability to modify genetic structures, to add to or delete genetic information with their goal of supposedly benefiting or improving man’s flawed state. Some imagine a day when mankind will be free of disease; and visionaries have come up with a date, 2045, when man will have such knowledge that he will evolve to godhood and live forever.

The church at large is adopting the same philosophy, calling us to re-imagine God. Saying that God’s Word is insufficient, that we need to seek an awakening, a new connection to God that comes from within each of us. Yet, God calls these people false prophets that are lying to the people. It’s the same lie Lucifer trapped Eve with in the Garden, "Ye shall be as Gods."

Ever since the Tower of Babel, the devil has been working to unite mankind against the Lord, to circumvent God’s loving plan for eternal life. Satan’s minions are inspiring scientists and religious leaders to choose the way which leads to death rather than the Way the Lord made for us. Open both of your eyes and see the choice we have -- and choose Life.


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