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Watchman Video Broadcast 09-16-12

The Ceremony Part 1


The Ceremony Part 1

Pastor Mike Hoggard sheds light on the not-so-hidden occult symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony and shares some observations not noticed by some of the other bloggers and watchmen. Three major subjects will be covered in both this video and part two to follow. The three hour closing ceremony was an occult invocation, with heavy demonic backstage involvement.

In the Old Testament, the priests of Baal had to go through many machinations to try to get their god’s attention and so it is today when the false gods are called upon. Followers of Christ, however, have no requirements other than to cry out to the Lord. Singer George Michael’s skull belt buckle and cross necklace were more than an effort to look tough. Pastor Mike teaches the history and meaning for both these emblems.

The white blocks brought to the middle of eight stripes to form a pyramid served as a cheap imitation of Jesus’ body that is made up of believers as living stones. Oppositely, the Antichrist will have a body, but whereas Jesus is our Head and is alive, the Antichrist's head is dead and must be resurrected through a born-again (by corruptible seed) experience by his followers.

You may think just watching this pageantry is harmless because you don’t know the symbols behind the performance, but the mind carefully records these subliminal messages. With this public invitation to become “one” under the Antichrist, the lines of demarcation are quickly coming into view. The time is getting short; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Pastor Mike reminds us why we are not to allow our imaginations to run wild. God is going to give us the fruit of our thoughts.



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