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Watchman Video Broadcast 08-19-12

Which Bible? You Be The Judge Part 2


Which Bible? You Be The Judge Part 2

The Vine of Christ or the Vine of Sodom

Do all Bible translations say the same thing? If there are differences, does it affect what one believes about God, salvation, Christian faith, and doctrine? An emphatic yes is the answer and it could be the most important controversy of our time.

Join Pastor Mike Hoggard as he studies the history of Bible translations and how the King James Bible seemingly is battling the modern translations. Information is presented in a clear and concise way that will enable you to make a decision about the Bible you are using. The original manuscripts were compiled from two different vines of original sources for all translations and this study will help you decide which one is right. Over 33 Scriptures are compared from both sources to give you the evidence that your Bible is, or is not, the one God would have you use. You decide!



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