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Watchman Video Broadcast 08-12-12

Which Bible? You Be The Judge Part 1


Which Bible? You Be The Judge Part 1

Bible Inspiration & Preservation 101

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has a lot to say about itself including its veracity, purpose in relation to man then and for us now, some 3000 years later.

Today there is great controversy on which Bible translation to use or even if it matters at all. Pastor Mike Hoggard explains how the Bible was written and that the Scriptures state that God’s Word would stand forever -- notwithstanding we have no extant original manuscripts. The last verses of the Book of Revelation cite God’s curse on anyone who would add to or take away words from the book, so how can we be sure that our Bible hasn’t omitted or added words that God did not inspire?

The listener is urged to have an open mind while considering this information, putting aside fear of being sucked into a “King James cult” and judge for yourselves, as ultimately, God will be the judge of how we have reverenced and kept his Holy Bible.



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